SPARC- A Solar-Powered Mini-Grid Approach to Boost Agricultural Productivity and Rural Community livelihoods

Project Summary

Project SPARC aims to perform a feasibility study to replace all fossil-fueled diesel generators for the installation of a solar-based hybrid Mini-Grid for the 1,500-resident Edondon community located in the Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

Sector: Rural Electrification, Sustainable Electrification

Project Status: In progress


Edondon with its 1500 residents, primarily composed of youths and children, has no access to electricity. Consequently, this has affected the community's agricultural sector which is the main livelihood for the majority of the population. The community is relying on fossil fuel-powered generators for daily needs and especially to operate their cassava milling machines which has led to low productivity, high costs of production, and pollution. Additionally, schools, hospitals, and local businesses in the community also depend on these generators restricting access to education, healthcare, economic advancement, and sustainable development.


Project SPARC includes a feasibility study to replace all fossil fuel-powered generators used especially for cassava milling machines in addition in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals in the Edondon community by a solar-based Hybrid Mini-Grid. This will boost the community productivity levels, power cassava milling machines to increase farm produce processing, increase access to education and healthcare services, power local businesses, and reduce CO2 emissions.


Installation of minigrid over all phases of present and future project activities will lead to an estimated reduction of 47 tons of CO2 for 6 communities and replace 4000+ diesel generators. We expect to positively impact 24,500+ people across all 6 neighboring rural communities.
Organizing 3 workshops for 75+ women, youth, especially girls, and marginalised communities to help them upskill for job opportunities through skill development and create awareness regarding climate change/renewable energy.

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