IC2EV MH2G Reborn MotorHomes as power generators

Project Summary

IC2EV idea was born in 2019 with a dream to be able to convert combustion vehicles into electric ones. Then, we converted our first vehicle, a Mini R50 from 2002. Project awarded the national mobility prize in Spain.


Project Status


High fleet renovation cost, New Low Emission zones leading to introduction of costs to enter certain parts in urban areas. Polluting long-life vehicles with high maintenance costs (avg >20 years). No electric motorhomes on the market yet


Software development V2G/MH2G Technology evBrain controller for converting internal combustion to electric vehicle. MH2G will use the battery system of the electric car for this purpose, and thereby provide 50kwh in its very first model.


Phase 1 - Test bench, Software development of V2G technology and evBrain controller
Phase 2 - Real motorhome integration and Transforming combustion engine to electric providing extended lifespan
Phase 3 - Campsite areas & rental motorhome parking environment with EV charging network

Sustainable Development Goals

Funding Partners