dpSun Sustainable Electrification is a research and development focused company established in 2014 and with 3 main areas of activities: Rural electrification, BIPV and eMobility


In remote areas like Sub-Saharian Africa and Indo-Pacific


New constructing materials using solar PV energy


IC2Ev, converting combustion engine vehicles to electric

Our goal is to develop and implement off-grid solar power solutions for sparsely populated areas. These solutions will include a variety of renewable energy technologies and business models in order to address a diverse market of customers circumstances and preferences.

Buildings can be 100% sustainable and we design, develop new tailor made solutions.

eMobility is the future. IC2EV Repowering MotorHome to electric, is a project to electrify an existing fossil fuel operated Motorhome into an electric vehicle.

Rural Electrification



SolaNetwork builds on progenitor work of SolaFin2Go to curate an integrated set of affordable solar energy access solutions for socioeconomically diverse sub-Saharan African rural communities. The project is developing and trialing a network of stand-alone devices and a unified monitoring and control system to provide real-time business intelligence and customer interfaces for the DESCO.
The project aims to fill a significant market gap between inadequate small solar-home-system and costly centralised mini-grids which are uneconomic in sparsely populated areas.


The SolaFin2Go project addressed the challenge of providing standalone solar systems to make available cost effective and affordable access to electricity and thermal hot water for off-grid households in sub-Saharan Africa. The objective was to test the feasibility of ‘entry level’ technological solutions combining novel PV and solar thermal technologies financed through improved business PAYG models (enabled by the innovative FinTech platform through Mobile, Cloud and Blockchain technologies) that fit with household/community circumstances to provide basic electrification and hot water.





Samoa Grid Stabilization.

On-going application to Energy Catalyst Round 9 with our partner GGGI Global Green Growth Institute based in Fiji.

This Grid Stabilisation project was identified as the third highest priority project in Samoa’s NDC Implementation Roadmap and Investment Plan (2022).

BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaics​


CE-SEA is a R&D project for the development of an energy efficient modular façade system incorporating two innovative elements (CoPEG & HyPVT) which enable cost-effective building integrated heat and power generation to decarbonise community energy consumption.


The project will demonstrate and test outdoor operational performance of novel solar façade elements which provide daylighting and solar shading; photovoltaic electricity with battery storage; and heat generation with thermal storage.



IC2EV was born in 2019 with a dream: to be able to convert combustion vehicles into electric ones. In that year, we converted our first vehicle, a Mini R50 from 2002. We were awarded the national mobility prize in Spain.
One of the 5 projects selected for MSIP Innovation Challenge 2 funding.

Other R&D ongoing projects


IZECREMA will design, realise, and test, smart solar+storage prototypes with innovative control systems which can be deployed to decarbonise Unilever’s global fleet of customer-facing ice cream retailing freezer cabinets.



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