Project Summary

SolaNetwork builds on progenitor work of SolaFin2Go to curate an integrated set of affordable solar energy access solutions for socioeconomically diverse sub-Saharan African rural communities in Botswana.

Project Status


The challenge is to address the distinct energy requirements of a rural community in Botswana.The project will develop and trial a network of stand-alone devices and a unified monitoring and control system to provide real-time business intelligence and customer interfaces for the DESCO.


Introduced diverse energy enterprise models. These included a mini grid to power essential facilities like the Kgotla, school, water point, and nearby businesses; a Battery Charging Hub to provide household energy via battery charging; and Solar Home Systems (SHSs) capable of both producing and consuming energy. All these energy initiatives are to be managed by a Distributed Energy Service Company (DESCO)


Successfully installed an 8KW (56KWh daily generation) Solar PV system with battery charging hub and inverter system in the village which is open to access for personal and business purposes
With the installed system, achieved a daily reduction in CO2 emissions of 44.8 kg. successfully electrified six (6) households using the Lite2Day battery system package.
Successfully trained 200 members of the community on optimal handling, operation and utilisation of the project facilities established.

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