PHIZECCS Passive House Integrated Zero Emission Climate Control Systems

Project Summary

The project will demonstrate and test outdoor operational performance of novel solar façade elements which provide daylighting and solar shading; photovoltaic electricity with battery storage; and heat generation with thermal storage.

Project Status


Driven by the growing commercial demand for NZEB solutions, the proposed PHIZECCS project builds upon the successful CE-SEA project outcomes to progress CoPVG and HyPVT innovations from TRL6 to TRL7 prototype demonstration in an operational environment.


The solar façade elements will be coupled to heat pumps, heat-recovery ventilation, and energy storage systems to demonstrate how they can be used together to realise thermally comfortable NZEB concepts, tailored for the Northern Irish context, future-proofed against changing climate extremes, and proven to secure near-zero energy bills.


Better energy performance of Northern Ireland’s building stock
Provide measured thermal comfort & energy cost data as technoeconomic evidence
Progress Ulster University’s patented CoPVG & HyPVT generating new plug-and-play battery integration and vehicle-to-home solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

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