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Our AIRFUSE Project Receives Key Funding from InnovateUkraine Competition

Vinnytsya, Ukraine & London, United Kingdom – 3 May 2024

The AIRFUSE project, a collaborative initiative between UK-based company dpSun and Ukrainian firms R.Flo and KNESS, has been awarded critical funding by the InnovateUkraine competition. Supported by UK International Development and hosted by the British Embassy in Kyiv, this funding underscores the project’s potential to revolutionise renewable energy storage solutions. The kick-off was held in Kyiv on May 2 and opened by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko.

The AIRFUSE project introduces the patented All-Iron Redox Flow Battery technology, poised to transform energy storage. This technology is designed to be reliable, sustainable, and scalable, offering a solution to the critical energy challenges faced by Ukraine and setting a benchmark for global renewable energy practices.

With an emphasis on social responsibility, AIRFUSE not only targets technological advancements but also focuses on gender equality and social inclusion. The project includes initiatives to empower women, youth, internally displaced persons, and students, furthering education and providing economic opportunities.

Project Details

AIRFUSE: All-Iron Redox Flow Utility for Sustainable Energy” aims to pilot an innovative 12.5kW 75kWh long-duration energy storage system backed by All Iron Redox Flow Battery technology. Unlike conventional methods, our system offers extended storage capabilities, ensuring a reliable power supply even in the most challenging circumstances. It also addresses key challenges of conventional energy storage, offering increased capacity, lower cost, and enhanced safety. Through rigorous testing at our partner’s KNESS power plant, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by 27 tonnes annually, bolster energy security, and upskill 100+ individuals.

Quotes from Leaders

Andrii Bondar, CEO of R.Flo, stated, “I strongly believe that our AIRFUSE project will contribute to decentralisation efforts of Ukraine’s energy system. It will help take advantage of significant potential of renewable energy sources as well as eliminate devastating consequences caused by military aggression.”

Sergio Cardamas, Managing Director of dpSun, commented, “AIRFUSE represents a pivotal shift towards integrating advanced energy storage solutions that will enhance renewable energy efficiency and reliability across Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It aligns perfectly with our other initiatives aimed at sustainable electrification and grid stability, underpinning our commitment to developing robust energy infrastructure.”

Sergii Shakalov, CEO of KNESS, remarked, “The AIRFUSE project is entirely in line with Ukraine’s Energy Strategy for 2050. With its promising innovations it introduces new opportunities for an active increase in the share of renewable energy sources. Working on energy storage solutions and implementing renewable energy projects, we believe that cooperation and partnership is critical on the way of developing the keystones of the future energy system. And we are proud to be engaged in this process together with AIRFUSE.”