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dpSun Selected for Scaling Out for Impact (SOFI-2) Program to Drive Sustainable Solutions in South Africa

dpSun, a leading research and development company specializing in sustainable electrification, grid stabilization, energy storage systems, and e-mobility, has been selected to participate in the Scaling Out for Impact (SOFI-2) program. Organized by Innovate UK in partnership with South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), the SOFI program aims to accelerate the development and deployment of affordable, accessible innovative solutions in South Africa, focusing on last-mile delivery of the food, energy, and water nexus.

Established in 2014, dpSun brings extensive experience to the SOFI program, having completed over 10 projects in 6+ countries with 13+ partners, including 4 projects in Africa. Their expertise in sustainable electrification and energy solutions has made them a standout choice for the program. Among their achievements, dpSun has been the recipient of 5 Innovate UK Grants, with a total project budget worth £2 million. Notably, dpSun has successfully completed 2 Innovate UK projects in Africa, Solanetwork and SolaFin2Go in Botswana.  A third Innovate UK funded project ‘SPARC’ in Nigeria will initiate in June.

We are thrilled to be selected for the SOFI program and excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable development in South Africa” said Sergio Cardamas, Managing Director at dpSun. “With our experience and expertise in sustainable electrification and energy solutions, we are confident that we can make a significant impact through this program.” Sergio will be visiting South Africa between 21st and 26th April as a part of the SOFI program.

Through their participation in the SOFI program, dpSun aims to co-create new solutions to development challenges identified by communities in South Africa, co-create appropriate business models to generate new economic activity, and help build capacity for innovation and enterprise development.