Morobe Offgrid Electrification Project

Project Summary

Successful Installation of 324 street lights and provision of 173 indoor solar lighting and charging systems at strategic community places (schools, aid posts, conference halls, trade stores, churches, marketplaces, WaSH facilities) across 21 wards of Morobe Rural LLG.

Sector: Sustainable Electrification, Rural Electrification

Project Status: Under development


PPL (PNG Power Limited) power supply does not reach the Morobe Rural LLG , its wards and villages due to its remoteness and isolation. Access to wards is by Sea. School infrastructure, aid posts, market places, churches are ill equipped with non existence of power supply. Households use kerosene and fuelwood for heat and light. Very few people within the community have purchased in-house solar system or generator to access power and in turn support the community by charging their mobile phones for communication and other purposes.


One of the main outcomes of the project is associated with the social development impact created for the communities of the 21 wards. The benefits are associated with improving Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, mitigating climate change, Sense of Security while simultaneously increasing working hours for businesses and learning hours for students, stimulating market systems, boosting communications by providing capabilities for charging mobiles / radios and thus paving the way for further development in the region.


Direct / Indirect beneficiaries are estimated to be around 13,739+ people in 2406 households across the 21 wards of Morobe Rural LLG.
105 individuals to be trained and certified from across the 21 wards to monitor and carry out any required maintenance activities related to installed indoor solar lighting systems and street lights.

Sustainable Development Goals

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